Master Keys Week 5

Self Discovery

I updated my press release from last fall. It was kind of fun reading what I wrote a year ago. Most importantly for me it was good to see my goals really haven’t changed that much from one year to the next,and I think I am finally realizing that I’m doing what I was put on this earth to do. Helping people build confidence through our beloved horses is a lot more important than I ever realized until this week. Being involved in the reining has accelerated my understanding of this, as it is an exceptionally challenging sport.  I’ve had a couple clients thank me for helping them get through some personal struggles that I was unaware of. They seemed perfectly confident to me. I guess that’s one more example of how you don’t  really know what’s going on with the next guy or even people close to you. Patience is key, with those around you, human or otherwise, even with yourself. I think I can stop searching for that “Big thing” to be a part of. I’ve been right in the middle of that thing all along and couldn’t see it. Hmmm….self discovery…


Master Keys Week 4

The 7 day mental diet. I had forgotten how challenging it is to disassociate your mind from negative thinking. I believe most of us have past experiences that creep up on us from time to time. It’s really quite funny if you really observe how much time and energy is wasted dwelling on those experiences…as if the first time around wasn’t painful enough. It really is empowering to be able stop those thoughts from ruining your mood.

Here’s a really cool little experience I had early this week. I was driving down the road to pick up a horse and having a bit of a battle in my mind. I kept asking the question “why  do I seem to have this internal struggle going on the past few days?”. Then it happened, the daily devotional that my dear friend Barb gave me fell off the seat of my truck  and onto my MacDonalds drinking cup. It opened to Feb 2. Romans 12:2 “I AM RENEWING YOUR MIND.”!! I got chills instantly! I know I have had questions answered in the past, but that was instant!  I read that as soon as I was stopped and have read it repeatedly since. I experienced some of these moments last fall, but nothing quite as in my face as this. I cant wait to see what else lies ahead on this journey!

Master Keys Week3

Back to reality after a trip to our last horse show of the year, which happens to be the largest single breed show in the world. Columbus Ohio is home to the All American Quarter Horse Congress, now celebrating it’s 50th anniversary! If I wasn’t involved in this coarse I don’t believe it would have even registered…that this show is someones vision come to fruition. Big deal it’s just a horse show right?! Wrong, the show last 25 days, bringing in over 21,000 entries. It attracts more than 650,000 people and generates $225,000,000 dollars to the Columbus area. AND it’s still growing! They added an additional 1000 stall barn! Somewhere 50+ years some one in the Ohio Quarter Horse Assoc. had an idea…that they pursued…and never gave up on…and look at that idea now…makes my struggles seem petty, and that I’m only limited by one thing…ME. Old blueprint…you’ve got to go!

Master Keys Week 2

Week 2 of the Master Keys has been interesting. Once again we’re recreating our own blueprint. I’m realizing that my old blueprint, although different from last years old blueprint is just as resistant to change, not at all what I expected. This year it’s the mid day and night time reading of Og that is challenging to get into routine. I very clearly remember that being a piece of cake last fall, it was the morning reading that was tough. I guess I’m discovering more about my old self…can’t wait to see what the new self is all about!

Master Keys Week 1

Master Keys Week 1, volume 2! Yep, second time around for me. I was so excited to get started again this year…..and then that overwhelming feeling of being “back to school” crept in. I’m still excited because I know how much I positive change I felt from my first MK run last year, time to saddle up and enjoy the ride!